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Cas, the eldest Lunet, comes with a bit of history attached. Its classic shape is such an iconic figure that it's hard to scrub the hipster label off of them. Then there's the wood cutting topic, controversial among the nature loving hippie fanatics. Let's face it, history means drama. And now, you can get it free with a pair of Cas Lunet.


Thanks to Rodenstock, Lunet glasses come with top quality lenses: Rodenstock Lenses 100% UVA / UVB protection.

Spring hinges

We use stainless steel spring hinges, designed with a 6° incline and an opening angle of 22° with +/-2° tolerance.


Lunet glasses are available in three varieties of wood: Oak, Cherry and Walnut. Each model has a Birch wood core for increased durability and flexibility. All wood materials are acquired from FSC certified sellers in the EU.