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Eta glasses are the Streamliners of the lot. Minus the Bakelite. Minus the chrome. With wood having to make a comeback. They have the curvy flowing lines, the smooth surfaces, the bullet-shaped (tear-shaped for the ladies) design. There's even a certain aerodynamic quality to them that proves useful for quick, over the shoulder looks.


Thanks to Rodenstock, Lunet glasses come with top quality lenses: Rodenstock Lenses 100% UVA / UVB protection.

Spring hinges

We use stainless steel spring hinges, designed with a 6° incline and an opening angle of 22° with +/-2° tolerance.


Lunet glasses are available in three varieties of wood: Oak, Cherry and Walnut. Each model has a Birch wood core for increased durability and flexibility. All wood materials are acquired from FSC certified sellers in the EU.